ASIA / 2009 PROJECTS : Update for 2010 soon

Ados de Mesang

3 weeks in the Mesang District (Cambodia) : Two groups of 15 teenagers could dance every day for three hours. For the first time this year, the girls really found their freedom in chaos. It made me so happy to see them let go, thrive and laugh. Your donations also enabled me to feed them one meal a day, give them a CD each, and bring art supplies to let their hands dance on paper.

Ados de Kampot A five day workshop for deaf teenagers and young adults in Kampot (Cambodia): The wonderful NGO Epicarts hosted this workshop. It was a journey of discovery on both sides : they explored the five rhythms and I explored the reality of being deaf and talking with your hands. Their passion for expression is contagious.

Enfants de l'orphelinat FLO 5 days in the FLO orphanage near Phnom Penh (Cambodia) :
80 of the 250 children in the orphanage could explore new ways to move on the dance floor and new ways to move on paper with pastels. My God were they thirsty for these art supplies!

Ados du Kanchanaburi 5 days with 15 teenagers and 15 teachers in Kanchanaburi (Thailand) : What a pleasure to contribute to this wonderful alternative boarding school for orphaned children, or children from deprived and/or abusive families. The wounds are often hidden behind a tough wall, but the environment is healing. It was a beautiful adventure in exploring oneself and discovering new ways of relating to each other for those students and their teachers.

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