5 Rythmes : Flow | Staccato | Chaos | Lyrical | Stillness


Raya : Like a river, where water flows ceaselessly, the rays of the sun shine and reflect on our bodies. Like blood circulating through the veins.

Sokha : I saw the waves moving forward, pushed by the wind ; it makes me happy My body is flowing like the water that makes waves.

Hong-Ly : I dream, I follow my thoughts, which flow quickly like water moving around rocks. I whirl following the rhythm and that brings a lot of joy.

Samia : Shoulders, hips, spine, legs, arms moving. Easy.

Sawi : I feel like I'm dreaming that my body is heavy.

Palla : All bad thoughts, all bad memories have fallen to the ground.

Paneth : Flowing is easy, it moves my feet and legs.

Raya (13) : I imagine that I'm in a car going back and forth in all directions, to the west, to the east, to the north, to the south.

Manon : My impressions are whirling like water ceaselessly flowing and moving away.

Sothia : The water flows through the green forest.

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Raya : As if we were trying to let each other understand our heart. I feel like a man, Breathing out, following the rhythm of the heart. A man who knows how to act.

Srajnang : I feel strong in my body and brave in my heart. I dare to let out gestures I never made before. My heart beats.

Soph'ien : Like breathing, out breath and my two hands acting.

Pisad' : Like Japanese martial art. Makes my body strong, my legs alive and develops my spirit. It expresses. Courage, fear, joy, screams and cries.

Sareth : When I dance staccato, I feel like all the anger I have towards those I hate comes out.

Vicheka : This rhythm makes my gesture clear and specific, as if I were working with patience in a safe space.

Sawi : This rhythm is like karate. Precise. I use arms, legs, torso and pelvis.

Sökhari : The right gesture, good health, a strong and intelligent body.

Chan Rem : I feel like I'm dancing with someone I love. It makes me happy beyond belief.

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Sokha : Chaos makes me forget everything, all my mistakes, all the bad things I did, all the suffering of my life.

Pisad' : A rhythm that shakes, makes the head jump, lets strong movements out, As well as sweat. Good for health, especially when we dance in the morning.

Chantaâ : Chaos makes me happy, it makes the wrist, the head, the shoulder, the leg, the body move and evokes emotion.

Soph'ien : All impressions are shaken in my body.

Saima : Fast, vivacious, anchored, forgetting all the thoughts.

Sothia : Chaos : alive body, all parts moving, joy.

Maj : To bring pleasure inside, this movement strengthens the body. Imagination is clairvoyant. We give and receive energy at the same time.

Pisay : I am deeply moved, because this rhythm shakes my emotions and it makes me dance.

Sari : My body can jump, fly, turn, from the top of my head to the tip of my toes. The most important thing : to let the poison out, with the sweat, and breathe in the energy of the outer world.

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Chan Rem : Moving, like flying towards the moon.

Hong-ly : My imagination flies out into space, slow moves like a flower danced by the wind, like fishes swimming in water, their fins brushing against water.

Vicheka : Like birds flying, looking for food for their little ones, in joy. This rhythm is truly wonderful, because birds seem to fly in space and make me dream in the sky, high, ever so high.

Pisay : I dream I'm in a peaceful forest, with no one walking through it.

Djenda : Nice feelings, I don't thing about all the difficult things Lyrical makes me love everyone who lives around me.

Sokha : Makes me happy, like pairs of birds happily flying.

Raya : My body is as light as a cotton flower.

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Sari : I am calm, as if in meditation I feel I'm in paradise and other spaces never reached before. I seem to have met a precious thing, priceless, Like ancient ruins of diamonds and gold.

Mesa : Calm, I breathe softly, movement following the heart.

Saima : Concentration of the mind, heartbeat.

Sokha : Made me forget everything, everything that exists in the heart.

Hong-Ly : Like the tree growing in the forest on the mountain. On the top of the trees, birds are perched, creating movement in the branches. I am calm and my dreams follow the music.

Sareth : I focus my mind and pray the Gods and Goddesses to take care of humanity.

Soph'ien : As if I were in the calm sea, peaceful.

Chantaâ : Quiet, with a fresh feeling in my heart I am moved, as if I were going to paradise as if I were falling into sleep

Vicheka : Peaceful all sadness forgotten. I feel steady, sharp, and have no thoughts.

Moen : I feel as if I'm in the void, with wind blowing through it filling me with longing.

Raya (13) : As if I were walking on the clouds or on the wind, alone, at peace, no-one to bother me I'm taking off into space, alone in the world, in meditation.

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