"As if we were trying to understand each other's heart"
Raya, Mesang District, Cambodge

The words of this 17-year-old hold my dream for Dancing Across Borders: to bring Conscious Dance to people from all countries, cultures, ages, social backgrounds and, thanks to the universal quality of movement, allow them to cross inner and outer borders in order to truly meet themselves and each other. Together, we will journey through dance and dance our journeys.

In a world where the only constant is change, and whose future depends on our capacity to evolve together in greater awareness, our intention is to help adults, teenagers and children follow and guide the movement of their body, heart and mind, so they can fully enter life and thrive in harmony with their environment.

Dancing Across Borders also offers the possibility of discovering the universality that connects us all and the richness of our diversity, through our journeys with other dancers in Europe but also through participation in the activities of the non-profit in Asia.

Your donations allow for the circulation of the resources of dance and expression through art to underprivileged children and teenagers, offering them moments of peace, joy and freedom in a burdened life, as well as greater inner strength to face the challenges of their future. I see these children explore, change; I see their joy, the moments of letting go, the moments of peace. They offer me an invaluable gift: I see that even when the body is weak, when the tummy is hungry, when life is tough, when wounds are plenty, the soul is ready to shine the moment a door opens. The essential being is there, intact, and nourishing it is as important as nourishing the body.
To transform this adventure into a long-term project, I needed a structure, I needed funds, I needed help. The structure is a French non-profit organisation and the name came to me from the other side of the Channel one morning: Dancing Across Borders.
I haven't yet found the way to fit into the right boxes for government funding. So I turned to those people I know can understand and support this project: to you who dance, move, sing, paint, and know how precious this experience is, how transformative it can be.
It has been wonderful to feel energy from France, Germany, Canada, the UK, Ireland, Switzerland, the United States flow all the way to this lost province of Cambodia, and come back enriched with images, dances, joy, words and drawings.

Your donations are what enables this work to happen. This year it brought the space of dance and expression through art to teenage girls and women in the Tamul areas of Sri Lanka, as well as the creation of a workshop to help the adults of both communities to communicate and experience each other through movement. There are a million ways you can contribute. Feel free to contact us at dancingacrossborders@gmail.com

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